Adobe Education


October 11, 2016 at 1:00pm ET

Creatively Mobile in Higher Education

This is an exciting time for higher education institutions. New technologies are driving change in public and institutional policies, which in turn effect the teaching practices in classrooms. More people are gaining access to some form of higher education than at any other time in history. There are renewed debates around higher education’s role in society and our personal lives.

Adobe Education is adding its voice to the conversation, and is set to run a seven-part, aspirational, webinar series on the future of higher education and the transformation of the educational experiences that are preparing students for the creative economy. This series features a collection of thought leaders who represent a diverse set of perspectives from the field of higher education. The goal of the series is to advance ongoing dialogue around preparing students for the future, digital pedagogy, and the college of tomorrow.

Dr. Jan Rune Holmevik will be the presenter for the fourth webinar in this series. He will discuss the impact on education when mobile devices are now all but ubiquitous. Historically they have provided convenient solutions for personal communication and content consumption, but increasingly we are seeing powerful content creation capabilities appearing on phones, tablets and even watches. What does this mean for today’s learning spaces and practices? This presentation explores mobile rhetorics across digital creativity as a means to open new learning spaces and practices that move millennial makers into the realm of digital invention. Education is all too often concerned with preserving the known. Mobility, therefore, is more than a technical opportunity or pedagogical aspiration, it is the compossibility that must inform the entire educational mission. In order to invent new systems of knowledge production, therefore we must invent creatively mobile and rhetorically rich heuristics for new modes of composition spaces. 

Bio: Dr. Jan Rune Holmevik is an Associate Professor of English and Co-Director for the Center of Excellence in Next-Generation Computing and Creativity at Clemson University. He holds a Ph.D. in Humanistic Informatics from the University of Bergen, Norway, 2004, and MA and BA degrees from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. His research interests span three main general areas of academic inquiry: Ludology and Game Studies, Digital and Visual Rhetorics and Electracy and Digital Creativity. His latest book, Inter/vention: Free Play in the Age of Electracy was published by the MIT Press in 2012. 

See Jan Holmevik's work on Behance at: https://www.behance.net/holmevik